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Developed a platform for news aggregation and for people to openly share their articles alongside national and international news

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Project Overview: 

The idea is to make people available with a platform to openly share the news about their local surroundings alongside national and international news to be able to gain the required attention towards the matter at hand and also accounting for truly open and free media. The platform can also be used for sharing details about any event that has happened. The content is not published unless approved by the admin. The platform also serves as an aggregator for national / international / arts and tech news from various websites. 

Need for the project: 

Many a times some important local news are not able to get enough traction because the media does not consider it a good enough story. There is a need for a pltform for free expression of such happenings that will reach almost everyone nationally. The media is not completely unbiased and people with influence are able to get their content promoted whereas other people are not able to get their voices heard. Thus, there is a need of such a platform where the voice of people can be heard clearly and loudly. 


  • Free and unbiassed media. 
  • A plotform to get the voice of people heard. 
  • Free promotion and publication of events. 
  • Aggregated national and international news. 


The website was built and deployed using Django, HTML, CSS, JS, nginx


The project was succesfully completed and deployed: 

The main page:

The view after login: 

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