Custom Task Management System

Made a custom task management system in conjunction with BaseCamp3

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Project Overview 

A customized task management system was made using web development while managing the tasks centrally using basecamp3. The custom management systel allowed for the allotment of number of hours required for each task to be done by an employee. The manager would also have a view of the hours of work alloted to an employee at any particular day. The creation and allotment of new tasks was to be done accordingly.

The system told about the upcoming, overdue and completed projects for each week, employee and project. The system shall also inform about the performance of employees based upon the number of tasks due/completed on time/overdue etc. 

Need for project

The problem the client had with basecamp3 were as follows: 

  • No snapshot view of tasks accross all projects pending for the day, overdue or coming up ahead. 
  • There were no reports on the performance of the employees (i.e. how many have completed their work on time and how many people have tasks overdue). 
  • BaseCamp3 does not allow for alloting time for tasks of employees 

Thus a custom task and time management system shall prove effective in alloting tasks based on free slots of the employees whilst assesing their performance for each day/week/month. 


The following shall be the benefits of using the system: 

  1. Snap shot view of tasks.
  2. Effective allotment of tasks according to schedule of an employee.
  3. Reporting system to access performance of each employee.
  4. Reporting system for each project. 
  5. There is an option to consider a few tasks later by making them dormant.


The project was implemented using BaseCamp3 APIs. An Oauth2 client was created from scratch which authenticated a user signing up on this extended website. The user could then use the services offered by the web app. The user was shown only the information about projects he was a part of in basecamp3. The manager is part of all projects had access to all the projects and employees.   


A custom task management system was thus implemented. The following screenshots are from the app eliciting the functionalities of the web app:


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