Anti Drone

The project was to develop a system that could detect enemy drones in a restricted area and disable them using jammers

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    Artificial Intelligence
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    Deep Learning

Project Overview

The project aimed at developing a system that could detect enemy drones in any restricted area and disable them immediately. The project was divided into two parts:

1. Drone detection

2. Drone disabling

Need for the Project

Recently, there has been an increase in the usage of drones for various activities. There have been cases where they enter the private or restricted property and result in a mishap. To avoid such mishaps, anti drones can be used to find enemy drones in such areas and disable them even before the attack happens. They can also be used to catch hold of prisoners trying to escape by finding paths using drones. Cases of stealing valuable jewelry by tracking paths using drones have also come into notice. Anti drones can play a crucial role in avoiding theft or catching a thief.


  1. Immediate enemy drones detection 
  2. A cheaper solution as the solution can be integrated with the existing security surveillance cameras and the only investment would be raspberry pi for running the algorithm and acting as disablers.
  3. A real-time and secure solution as the algorithm runs on the RPI itself and thus there is no communication between the server and the RPI which makes it secure to hacking to an extent and thus provides extra security.
  4. The project can be used as a product in any of the high-security indoor buildings such as the parliament house, the prime minister’s house, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, mosques, temples, churches, etc

Implementation method

For drone detection, we trained a deep learning model on a self-made dataset with a confidence of 98%. Then for drone disabling, the wifi disabler got activated scanning the highest frequency wifi signal in the area by enabling monitor through IEEE wlan1. The RF jammer also got activated which hijacks the radio frequency on which the drones normally function and thus makes the drones fall down immediately due to lack of signals from the controller.


We were able to detect drones in real-time and disable then by hijacking the radio frequency on which the drones were functioning. The video demonstration is as follows:

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