Providing top notch IT Services, we specialize in full stack projects leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchains, IoT, Website and App development.

From Development, to Deployment.

We provide complete solutions. We provide services from making of solutions to hosting them at various cloud platforms like : AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Heroku etc.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Almost anything that a human can do with less than a second of mental thought can be automated. We provide many services to automate such tasks for you Know more

Image Processing
Image Processing

From X-Ray enhancements to object detection. From feature highlighting to boundary detection, image processing is really helpful. Know more

Internet of Things

Strategic acquisition of data, monitoring of devices health, patient monitoring, home automation are only some of the examples of wonders IOT can do. Get them at your place today.

Web Development
Website Development

We specialize in working with : Django, PHP, Node.JS for backend and HTML, CSS, JavaScript for frontend using PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc. as databases. Get a fully responsive and stunning website today.

App Development
Application Development

We build customized apps in conjunction with the web apps by the use of APIs. Making use of Flutter, we build cross platform apps making them deployable on both IOS and Android. Know more


Blockchains are synonymous with security and transparency. We work in developing smart contracts, private blockchains and blockchains based database for high security. Know more


“We are up to date with latest development technologies and standards”

We constantly update ourselves with latest technologies being used in order to provide the best solutions for the projects we work on.

Get things done with Ohuru

See our work in action, some of the projects we have worked on are as follows:
Defect detection in automobiles

Defect detection in automobiles

The project constituted of identifying the regions of interest (i.e. regions where the defects may occur) and then identifying if there was a defect in that area.

Learn More
Fraud Detection in Online Transactions

Fraud Detection in Online Transactions

The project aimed at detecting fraud online transactions based upon transaction parameters such amount, bill number, time of transaction, etc.

Learn More
Crowd Counting

Crowd Counting

The project aimed at developing an application to count the number of people present at a site of disaster in order to provide faster support

Learn More

The project was to develop an e-commerce website for a home salon

Learn More

Transforming ideas to reality

We are here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Just tell us the problem and wait while we give you the best solution for it. We provide :

Attractive design
Quality of service
Scalable Applications
Timely delivery
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We were able to kick start our business thanks to the optimum and timely delivery by team Ohuru.”
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“Brilliant team, delivers great solutions with cutting edge technologies."
Sanjeev Duggal
Retd. GM, SAIL
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“True professional firm, proved to be a very valuable asset to our organization.”
Vikhyat Chauhan
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